New Year's Time Zones Around The World

(from a PST point of view)


Here's a list of timezones for New Years Eve, adjusted for PST. At a New Year's Eve Party, use this list to celebrate New Years around the world. For instance, at 9pm PST it's New Years in Jamaica! Bang those pots every hour!


4am Petropavlosk, New Zealand, Fiji, Guam

5am New Caledonia, Guadalcanal

6am Vladiovstak, Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania

7am Tokyo, Asaka, Seoul

8am Canton, Peking, Hong Kong, Philippines, Perth

9am Jakarta, Java, Bangkok, Rangoon

10am Calcutta, Sri Lanka, New Delhi

11am Pakistan, Afghanistan

12pm Gorki, Rostov, Iran

1pm Moscow, Iraq, Kenya, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia

2pm Helsinki, Romania, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Greece, Turkey

3pm France, Holland, Denmark, Libya, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy

4pm England, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Ghana, Iceland, Greenwich*

5pm Cape Verda, Azores

6pm Cape Disappointment, Falkland Islands

7pm Greenland, Rio de Janiero, Guyana

7:30pm Newfoundland

8pm Chile, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

9pm New York, Miami, Columbia, Peru, Montreal, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica

10pm Mexico City, Chicago, Winnipeg, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands

11pm Boise, Mazatlan, Calgary

12am Mountain View, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Guadalupe

1am Marquesas Islands, Alaska

2am Hawaii, Aleutian Islands

3am Midway Island, Roosevelt Island, Western Samoa

Times are what time it is in California (PST) when it's new years somewhere else.


* This is when the UTC time standard [atomic adjusted for solar/terrestrial]
got a LEAP SECOND for new years '96! A whole extra second!!! How did you spend it?

According to a Scripps/Howard article which was in the 12/30/95 edition of the San Francisco Examiner, scientists in Adelaide, Australia believe that the earth's day was about 23 hours long at the time of the dinosaurs. So, these leap seconds can add up.

Speaking of time, you'll be 1 billion seconds old when you're 31 yrs, 251 days old (approx 8 months + 11 days), and you'll be 2 billion seconds when you're 63 yrs, 137 days old (approx 4 months + 17 days)!



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