the Harmonic Convergents - Hear No Evil* a cappella CD

The Harmonic Convergents was an a cappella quintet based at UC Berkeley from 1987 - 1990.

Group members: Keith Barlow, Tim Griffin, Lance Hafenstein, Michael Olivier, and Tod Puckett.

The group took 3rd place in the 1990 Harmony Sweepstakes. The group was succeeded by The New Harmonic Convergents, which included Keith from the original group plus 4-5 new members.

Their songs from their CD "Hear No Evil*" are available for download here:

  1. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  2. Freddie Feelgood
  3. Darkness on the Delta
  4. Is That The Way You Look?
  5. Bad Connection
  6. Dayton, Ohio - 1903
  7. A Lover's Question
  8. Iko Iko
  9. I Do Adore Her
  10. Winnie The Pooh Medley
  11. Blossom
  12. Hodja
  13. Baby Come Back To Me
  14. Sincere (from The Music Man)
  15. Evil Ways

Download the Full Album, including cover art.

CD Cover Art: